The Rocky Atomizer


  1. Hello lad , Did you wear your kilt for this review? Just an observation but maybe the RNR wire is so you can use the middle hole on the AFC? I could be completely wrong but makes sense , no?

  2. Nah, speedos!!

    Good point on the wire though mate :)

  3. Hey todd, just wanted to let you know the rocky had some issues in mfg in the newer batches. the airtube screws into the top cap if you unscrew it and widen the hole in the top cap a bit all around it allows air into the tank to pump juice into the well properly. Also the wedged end that dips into the chamber you can also file the sides of the wedges and file the flat bottom part of both wedges just a bit to preference. it doesn't take long at all. I've got two of these now one dumps about 15 drops in one plunge and if you hold it it will just pour out nicely and another does about 6-8 drops on it(the larger volume was filing the divot, the 6-8 was only widening the hole in the top cap. It totally changes the experience and makes this mod even better. also the device is chrome plated copper.


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