The Copper Viggo Mod


  1. Greetings from one of your followers in Sweden. Great review as always! Do you know of any vendors (uk based or elsewhere) that will have this in stock and ship to my country? Thanks again. Best regards Carl.

  2. Midlands vaping as mentioned in the video mate

  3. hey just wanted to let ya know that the link on the youtube channel is bad i found Vape jam's Facebook (if I have the wrong FB sorry for wasting you time)

    i love the engraving on that but when its in 18650 half the mod is just idk what to say a bit boring when compared to the rest of it.... still if i wasn't always broke i would try to get on
    Got one quick question if you don't want the outside to tarnish cant ya spray it down with a good clear coat?

  4. ^^^ Yes Wicked Jester you can spray it with *Polyurethane* sealer; it's totally safe once dry, and gives it an awesome micro-glass surface. I'm mixed on the idea of patina, I like it on some mods because they look good rugged and old-fashioned. But the mods I really like, I clean with lemon juice, and immediately spray with polyurethane, it's keeps that beautiful shine forever, doesn't affect voltage drop either, I've tested it.

    ~Awesome review Todd! I don't know how this slipped past me! This looks like the *perfect mechanical* for me. Big thick silver contacts, all copper with a classy but not boring engraving, stainless steel accents to match any topper, but most importantly *the BUTTON*, it's one thing that makes me twitch when a button isn't smooth. And I'll take your credible word on it that it's good, I bet with a pair of magnets it'll be one of the best buttons out there!

    (P.S. could I bug you for a voltage drop sir? I'd love to know what it is, if it's what I think it is, it'll be the cherry on top. Thanks so much for this review man.)


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