The ANT Mod by Holy Land Mods

Basic set (18350 tubes ) :
Straight/bamboo, matte finish - 85 USD
shipping – 5 USD ,
total - 90 USD by cash transfer*.
95 USD by PayPal

Straight/bamboo, polished - 95 USD
shipping - 5 USD
total - 100 USD by cash transfer*.
105 USD by PayPal

Additional tubes:

18350 (matte) = 13 USD (by cash transfer*.)/14 USD (by PayPal)

18350 (polished) = 23 USD (by cash transfer*.)/24 USD (by PayPal)

18490 (matte) = 16 USD (by cash transfer*.)/17 USD (by PayPal)

18490 (polished) = 26 USD (by cash transfer*.)/27 USD (by PayPal)

18650 (matte) = 20 USD (by cash transfer*.)/21 USD (by PayPal)

18650 (polished) = 30 USD (by cash transfer*.)/32 USD (by PayPal)


  1. Why did you shot the thumbs up/down button off and no option for comments on the YouTube vids? Love your reviews and your positive take on stuff, easy being a hater but you are just a delight, keep being such a loveable guy and I'll send you in the next one.

  2. Because I don't have the time to manage comments in so many locations Nes, keeping it here and FB is just easier for me.

    Have a good weekend mate

  3. Hi Mark, just to tell I love your reviews, even when I'm not interested by the stuff you review...
    Oh, and I ordered an Ant, and a Hermes... Your reviews just confirmed what I thought about Holy Land Mods.
    Now I'm waiting my vapemails... Cheers, and thanks for what you do!
    Keep on vapin'

  4. Todd see the prices above the retail price that they go for in stores? Or are you selling from your collection?

  5. I'm not selling anything mate.


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