Stingray X by JD TECH


  1. Hi Todd. I'd use some good old HP sauce to clean the copper. Thick coating, leave for an hour but don't let it dry. Cotton bud to get in between the small gaps and then a quick wash with warm soapy water. HP has always worked a charm for me on all sorts of stuff


  2. Hi Todd, great review as always. I noticed you mentioned the issue with the previous stingray switches. Well, I have the phantom brass version and my switch has just been a crunchy horrible mess from day one. So where exactly should I apply the lubricant, on the rice pin and where it sits or like all over everywhere inside the switch? Also, how often should I reapply it? Thanks so much for the videos, they're seriously fantastic and I truly appreciate how much work you must put into making them to keep up with the amazing rate at which you release them. sincerely an enthusiastic fan of your work, David

  3. Inside the switch around the central section, should make a big improvement David.

  4. Hi Todd,

    I've been wanting a Stingray as soon as I started looking into mech mods and found out about the original Phantom Brass one, I loved the looks of it and its features, then knowing it performed very well.

    Actually I just recently purchased a Red Copper Limited Edition from the Second Batch (and should be receiving it soon,) but as soon as the X was announced I loved that one quite a lot and unfortunately I won't be able to buy it or at least not soon as I just purchased the Red Copper LE one (I bought it just 3 days or so before the X announcement)

    Having said that, now that you have one of each model, which id your favorite of them all? In regards to looks, performance, etc.

    And are all the ones you have the 1st of the entire production (Lucky you)?

    Great videos and reviews, keep up the good work.



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