Mini Valkyrie by Vicious Ant


  1. Nice Review Todd i agree if your paying a premium price then you should expect to get the best quality materials in the design
    I think that's why their is a market for clones personally i would not pay such prices for mods as they all do the same thing at the end of the day some may perform better i agree!

    voltage drop Etc But Mech Mods pretty much do the same thing supply a voltage to a coil and vaporize the juice this is me being a Noob at vaping maybe i am wrong and some one can explain it to me but that wont stop me from watching a review on a genuine article for which i appreciate what the developers do to bring their product to market i just think their grossly overpriced,

    i watched your review of the Fogger V4 and saw it elsewhere reviewed decided to purchase and like you was amazed at the quality and taste of the Vape

    always enjoy your insights on product reviews Etc Cheers

  2. Sorry Todd i only own two devices both made by Innokin Itaste Vtr And the machine Gun 134 fogger looks best on the 134 both were reasonably priced around £65.00 in Liverpool until the purchase of the fogger was using the stock iclears that came with the devices and then moved to the fogger


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