Hades Mod by FOOTOON


  1. I have had my Hades for a couple of weeks and it has taken over as my all day vape. I brought it thinking I would have to keep it in the house, as you said "it is a BIG beastie", but because of the way the bottom is shaped it is more comfortable then most of my other mods, it comes everywhere with me. My only worry is the position of the vents, looks nice, but in practice if i have a fail (not likely, but you never know), I would not like to have some tear shaped burn marks on my hand! My Hades logo has a few scratches, but that one you have is in really bad condition; i thought it would come off within days on mine, obviously quite lucky. Thanks for video as always Todd. p.s: I liked the magnets over the spring as the spring on mine was too stiff


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