1. I'm pretty sure the three gnarled nuts are to make setting up three or even four coil setups more feasible and less of a hurdle to overcome. You're the man Todd =]

  2. Throwing in my 2 cents, I think the above comment is half right. I think its supposed to be for a 6-coil setup? I noticed a hole at the top post, so I assume if you can snug it up enough to have six coils next to each other and 4 wires running through the bottom and 2 through the top (i guess you could do eight if you have the spacing for it) you could do that....Though I don't know if that would cause a short

  3. Just recieved my igo w6 while im waiting to get an origen and its a fantastic vape, a little fiddly beggar to set up but thats more due to my inexperience than the device, todds review is spot on but I won't be using it to stealth vape as it produces nice clouds.
    It feels lovely quality and looks great on my nemesis and vanilla mods


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