Mini Protank V3 & Evod2


  1. Just FYI: Kanger does have an EVOD 2 with a glass tank, its called the EVOD Glass & its only like $2 more than the EVOD 2 with the plastic tank so IMO its a no brainer. I agree the Mini Protank does look nice, however if you drop it on a hard surface chances are the glass tank will break, the EVOD Glass on the other hand has those 2 small widow slits so it would be very unlikely that it would ever break. Lately whenever someone asks me what's a good starter ecig kit Ive been recommending the Vision Spinner V2, the ego-c Twist or the EVOD Twist & the atomizers Ive been recommending are the Mini Protank 3, EVOD Glass & the Aspire Nautilus.


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