V3tronix Flip


  1. Im sorry Todd, Got to say it, your reviews are much the same as Top Gear now, nothing affordable and certainly not practical, can you please come down to earth and review equipment that the ordinary Guy can afford, Glad you said the price at the beginning though, saved me watching it.
    Colin Martin

  2. If you say so.

    Feel free not to watch any more.

  3. Im sorry todd, got to say it, your reviews are much enjoyed now and I must say that I love the look of this mod and being an ordinary guy it gives me something to save up for now thanks to your review, without which I would never have seen this mod in detail and strive for something nice for myself having quit the stinkies, cheers mate and thanks for what you do, some of us appreciate it knowing you give your own time to do it.

  4. Thanks Andrew, after some of the crap I have read today you've just reminded me why I do this.

    Really appreciate the feedback............a lot :)

  5. Hey Todd! Thanks for all you do! Keep it up there are more of us who love and enjoy your vids and learn a lot from them then those who hate. There are those who have excuses and those who save up for the mod they want! Lol. Much love my bratha.


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