The ANIMA RDA by Atmomixani


  1. hi todd,
    I just got Anima & Nemi yesterday, and now still figure out how to build the coil.
    what gauge do you use there? & how many wrap you actually use for this considering using IMR14500 battery?

    1. Aim for 1.5, that's my sweet spot for a 14500 battery.

      Go here and learn how to use the site, it's great

    2. yeah steam engine is areally great app, i installed it on my smartphone. and keep using it every time I build coil.

      i just try building 1.2ohm with dual coil AWG 32 10 wrap. but the vapor & flavor is poor.
      i just wondering how you can get the vapor you shown in video. hehehe

      regards, Todd


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