NatureVape DCD Pro Coil



  1. Awesome. I don't think we can buy these in the states yet but maybe soon? I'm pretty happy with my mini protanks and protank 2s. I tried a aero and not loving it. Really glad I don't have lots of big mods and rbas as egos and clearos suit me fine. I have a provari but it's kind of wasted on me, too big to take out of the house IMO

  2. Todd, I have got a VTR and am looking to put something else in it other than the IClear 30S & the Aspire Vivi Nova. Do you know if the Aerotank fits inside the protective ring on the VTR because this combined with the naturevape coil & the adjustable airflow may make it an upgrade on the IClear & Aspire. Looking at the blurb, looks like the Aerotank is 19.05mm so it is likely to be a close run thing.


  3. Thanks Todd. You probably know this but last week he bought out a 20mm tank and coil which also works really well

  4. Hey Todd

    I tried to order yesterday from Nature Vapes and unfortunately they are not yet set up to ship to France where I live. I was especially excited by this coiled offered for the Aerotank. Euh no offense to Kanger but, I really, really don't like the vape from the Aerotank (just my opinion, of course). So I guess this is going to be my first try to coil my own and try it with cotton.

    So I just happen to have a couple of questions ;).

    -- For the Aerotank/PT3 coil, can I single coil it? Does the Nature Vapes have 2 coils and are you only wicking one of them? Not sure if I should start with a double micro-coil for my first noobly attempts :)

    -- Do I have to use resistance/no resistance wire ? (I can get some pre-mades wire at 1.8ohms), but I have seen videos with only resistance wire?!. Just for info I'm using the "dreaded" Evic -- so maybe the lower resistance is not as important?

    -- what diameter Kenthal would you recommend for a beginner to rebuild Kanger 3 heads ? and if I wanted to try silica -- would 2mm be okay

    -- or should I just chuck the aerotank and buy a cheap Kanger 2 and use the older Kanger heads to practice with before I jump in and buy a couple of divers ?

    I apologize in advance for so many questions and if you don't have the time to answer, I understand, no worries .... Regardless, thank you very much for all your videos and efforts to help the noobs like me as well as the experts among us.




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