Zenith V2 RDA by Crescent Moon


  1. Nice review Todd, im a new subscriber and only been vaping about 4 and half months and i live on youtube now and i had watched several of your vids before and found you to be in my group of fave's now. Keep up the good work and Vape On....

    Btw... I'm on the other side of the pond and one of the thing i like about your reviews is your accent :P

  2. Awesome review Todd, as always, thanks for posting. Ive been wanting a Zenith with the Tiger Brass AFC ring since I first saw it, such an awesome looking (& performing from what I hear) RDA & it would look absolutely STELLAR on my VR Nemesis. So Todd, now that you have 2 Zenith's would you be interested in selling one? My VR Nemmy is so lonely without a matching RDA. The only RDA I have is my AGI & I have not been very impressed with it at all, you know the AGI, PITA in genny/tank mode & just so so performance in drip mode. I want a Zenith SO BAD but I'm on a VERY limited budget, hoping a fellow vaper who isn't hurting for gear could give me a bit of a Billy Bargain, wink, wink, lol. I completely understand if you don't want to let one go, the one with the brass ring matches your Phantom Brass Stingray & the one with the black ring matches your Copper Stingray, such awesome setups you have Todd & you truly did earn them.

  3. Thanks Todd for the review. I just got my V2 and am very happy so far. Your reviews really helped me sort out what I was looking for.


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