Stingray Copper Black by JD TECH


  1. This is a mod, I was praying for as a subohm vapor. Every conducting part ist pure, massive copper. Yeah! Thanks also for the surface hardening, especially at the threads, JD-Tech.

    Voltage drop, the most important to me, is quite like the inherent resistance of the battery. @vienna vapor measured at a 18650 Sony Konion using 2,2 Ohm atomizer 0,05 V voltage drop. Using same battery 1,5 Ohm atomizer 0,06 V voltage drop. Wow! Measure yourself.

    Even the problem with the magnetic switch causing voltage drops (Nzonic!) almost down to a GG ... was solved.

    Anyway sorry - but using this mod for your "cup of tea" with a kick is as useful as using a Porsche as a tractor.

    Thank you for all of this splendid reviews and the great job you' re doing, @todd! One of my favorite sources. Have a great day!


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