Nirvana Nova Tank & aClear RBC SS Edition Clearomizer by Aqwa


  1. Really enjoy Aspire BDCs when they do perform, but have been plagued by "mushy heads", This has happened with a disproportionate number of the little sods in a range of tanks bought over a period of months from a selection of vendors, so seems unlikely to be just a bad batch or poor handling by manufacturer or merchant (or even this not too cack-handed vaper). It has occurred on four different mods (two with Ego fittings: two with 510); and is particularly frequent in my 510 tanks (three of my four pack up in a matter of hours, sometimes minutes). Teasing out the contact(?) seems to be only a - very - short term solution, and isn't always practical when out and about.

    Was thus dead chuffed to see your review of the above products and promptly ordered the Ego version, hoping you'd found something with all the fun and none of the faff I'd thus far encountered. Not only does it vape like an Aspire BDC - Mrs Lord does a great Rough Shag - but it looks like one as well. Right down to having the same batch number as the Aspire head I dumped yesterday. Bugger.

    Please God Aspire sort this soon, and the Nautilus heads aren't similarly cursed.

    Huffy-but-Hopeful, Hayes.

  2. Thanks for that review. Was having similar issue with the bigger tank. Time to get out the drill


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