NatureVape Pro Set


  1. Great Starter Kit Todd.....It appears to me that the head is very similar to the Kanger EVOD head. You showed how to change the cotton wick, but you did not mention recoiling it. I am pretty sure you can but I may be wrong.
    This is a Kit that I would buy! Believe it or not when I am out and about I use my Kayfun Lite Plus on a little E-GO 650mah battery! Some may say it looks funny and it's not right, but I don't care I have always marched to a different drum beat.. LOL .. and besides I get a good 5 hours of vape time on it. some people don't that time on a mechanical with a 18350, my concern is stealth not aesthetics ...thanks! .. May the Vape be with you!

  2. This seems like the best starter set out there. Pretty straight forward, and a really good vape.

    I have just tried pulling out the silica and replacing it with cotton in my standard Kanger T3S heads, and already with that little trick, you get much better taste and more dense vape. There's is for sure a bit more maintenance with the cotton, if you put too much voltage through the coil = burns easier. But damn it's all worth it. And for me being low on finances right now, it's a cheap and easy way to get just a little taste of a rebuildables. Next step is buying some kanthal and try making a micro coil for my heads.

  3. Thanks for the excellent review Todd.I am not a starter but have just ordered one as as it looks an excellent way to get a great vape in a compact form. Seems ideal for when out and about and in the car etc. So thanks again for bringing it to mine and everyone else's attention

  4. This review is why loads of people keep coming back to watch all of your reviews. I'm not a new vaper either but the way you explained everything was spot on so that anyone could follow (even my ma did!)

    The beauty of this kit is that hit gives a new vaper every single thing that you would want at the start of their 'journey'. A variable voltage battery - perfect. A charger which includes a wall plug - perfect. A clearomiser that has a pre-built microcoil using cotton as a wick - perfect.

    I really wish that these were available when I started vaping and I would have saved myself a fortune in trying out new things that were no better than I already had. This setup is honestly a brilliant package which is so simple and low cost to maintain.

    Finally (before your head swells too much Todd) if you buy this kit and you get stuck you can watch this clip over and over again and everything you need to know is explained clearly and not in a patronising way.

    Before anyone asks, no I am not connected to the vendor in any way. If the unknown price is right this is honestly a perfect kit.

  5. Hi Todd,

    Thanks for yet another really great review :)

    I have a question for you - can these heads be used in the Kanger Protank 2 and 3, could you try to figure this out for us ?

    1. no you cant....because the rubber cap is missing on this it will leak. but read my comment below , it will improve your protank very much...Ab

  6. Hi there Todd,

    Again a great review ;-) ..... love your vids bytheway.

    About the improved taste...the secret why the kangertank dont have the greatest taste and this one has is all in the rubber cap of the coils.
    So for all of you people...If you have a kangercoil and you will cut the rubber cap of the coil half in length shorter or even a bit get also the great taste that you will have with this one....even with sillica.

    ...and if you want a perfect kangercoil...use 3 or 3.5 mm sillica, ribbon kantal...shorten the rubber cap...than it will be more leaking or what so ever.

    try will be suprised by the results

    With regards, Ab...NL

  7. I have had the kit for a couple of days now - well worth the money. Decided to change the flavour tonight so changed the cotton wool - very straightforward. As you say, an excellent idea

  8. I got the kit today and im very impressed. Only thing is it didn't come with a spare coil head.
    Did anyone else get a spare coil head?
    Getting a real throat hit from the 18mg liquid supplied. Should get used to it but for me I think 12mg would be a more enjoyable vape. Also im getting great flavour. Brilliant review todd, thanks.

  9. Great review, just one question tho. . . Are you able to re coil this? I know you can re wick it but just wanted to know if the coil itself can be taken out and redone?


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