Beyond Vape Spire Mod Kit VV/VW


  1. Looks very nice, well built and thought out, though far too much faffing about for me. Im sure lots of people will love it.

  2. I have the Sigelei ZMAX V5 and it also goes to 15 watts.
    And as far as i know the Sigelei ZMAX V3 also goes to 15 watts.
    So the 15 watts on the Beyond Spire isn't anything new really.

    The only difference i see, besides it looking slightly different and costing a bit more, is that the Beyond Spire has airflow holes in the top cap and the top cap sits flush with the 510 connection.
    But if you end up with a gap with most of your tanks anyway, the airflow holes don't really matter much i guess.

    Ohh, it also misses the 9th menu option the ZMAX V5 has… Mobile Power.
    Not that you'd really need that option.


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