1. Hi Todd...

    Another great review. My T4 arrived today and I love it, got some great flavor coming from it, clouds of vapor with dual coiled silica wicks. It was very airy but i rolled some mesh wick and placed in the 4 air holes, this has reduced it down enough for me. No need for the lung busters

  2. Todd hello, excuse my english ... you are great! I use the T4 for a week, a nice product. adjusting the air .I did with not screw head long 3/4 mm. Screwed under attack 510, before, screw pin. with this screw (in Italian is called "grain"), you can adjust the air very well. uncomfortable but it works. ciaoooo! big! Massimiliano

  3. Todd, great review as always!

    My T4 was already on the way when your review went up. After watching and hearing of the air flow issue, I wished I had waited. However, while looking at the items in the spare parts bag, I found a cylindrical o-ring. It did not seem to go anywhere. It is sized perfectly to fit over the center post. So I slipped it over that, and after some fine adjusting, was able to use it to block off the majority of the 3.5mm air holes and greatly restrict the flow. I had to cover about 95% of the holes before I noticed any real difference. I don't know if this is its intended purpose or not, but it works great for it and is much simpler than my original plan of finding a nice looking way to block off the holes from the outside bottom.

  4. Yeah I know the bit you mean, it's pretty useless though as the heat from from the coils will affect it and like you say, got to have it almost at the bottom to make a difference!

    If indeed that is what they included it for, it just highlights to me how far off the mark with this one :(

    As suggested by others, mesh in the central tube seems to work the best.

    All the best


  5. Good review. I'm a bit of a cloud chaser, I love my iGo-M. I also love being able to adjust the airflow (as the initial awe wore off, I now use only 1 to 1/2 an air hole of of SIX). I'm on the fence now... Thanks Todd!


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