THE VE PIPE by Lee Ash


  1. Hi Todd... Lee Ash here!! Thank you for a great review, I am so glad you like the pipe. I am on UKV as Lash151 if you were wondering... I have been working on this pipe design for quite a long time now with the guys at Vape Emporium... Needless to say, I am really proud of it... Thanks again, see you on UKV... Lee

    1. Lee,
      I just picked up one of your pipes today and my grin is just as big as Todd's in this video. This is one amazing piece of craftsmanship. I have been searching for two years for a pipe of this caliber and you have delivered. I have mine paired with an Aspire Atlantis and it is a perfect match. I love some of the changes you have made as well. I will bragging about this pipe for a very long time. Thank you. - Al

  2. A really beautifully crafted piece and a great review of this pipe for which I fully share your enthusiasm. A tapered flush brass screw might improve the finish but I agree this is an investment that would be enjoyed for many years to come.

  3. Todd,
    Your passion is compelling and this video was a joy to watch. It's fun seeing you enjoy the fine craftsmanship of this fantastic device. If I were Lee Ash, I'd be buying you a drink! Cheers!


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