Tahiti Mod By GP Custom


I have been speaking to the team that makes this mod and they have reassured me that these mods are made in the Philippines on CNC.

The logos are in fact made from clay and hand engraved.

As I said in the video, I'll be the first to admit if I got this wrong, I got it wrong!

I still stand by my thoughts on the "feel" of the mod though. 


  1. Your right on this one Todd. That much money and it comes with a Weak TOY Spring. Doesn't matter how it Hits. This is a Safety Issue and should be taken Off the market, as it sits. Good review! Thanks for letting us know these things. Darn right its a clone. You will be eating NO humble pie. Joel.

  2. £120 for a mod from the Philippines is way too much money. I noticed there are no CNC machines shown in the photographs, but they may just CNC the top and switch if they have the machines. If they were true mod makers they would not have made the mistake with the spring, that's a schoolboy error.

  3. Honestly I don't know what you are talking about with the spring. My Tahiti has a very hard spring, and can Sit up with no lock on with no problem what so ever. Either they made a new batch, or they sent you a bad one (both are highly likely)

    1. Can only review what I have in my hand Bailey :)


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