Dicodes Dani


  1. Hey Told. If I read the manual correct. Dc is the standard setting that most adjustable mods use to read resistance. The AC is different as it has to modes. First AC is SA=1 used to read standard coil resistance and performance. SA=0 is the second setting used to read non standard coils ( sub ohm) it will read those resistances since the first setting is only for regular coils. Also in fb menu you can check the voltage drop by going to fb menu then holding the button for 25 seconds then release and press again to check voltage drop. This is what I get from the manual. Try it to see if I'm correct but I think I am. Hope this helps.

  2. Sorry Todd. The fb above is supposed to be cb.

  3. Hi Todd, this mod you have is exactly the same as this http://www.pipeline-store.co.uk/en/pipeline-kits/288-pipeline-pro.html £155, dicodes is the German manufacturer of the chipset/motherboard

    1. Actually the MOD from Pipeline is a bit more advanced. It has a great feature called Heat Control. It prevents the coil heating up too much so you can enjoy you liquid on high watt.



  4. Forgot to mention, hope it has a robust button on the motherboard, far too many gimmicks, a good 90% of the menus not needed, looks solid but more menus than a table for 10 at the ritz

  5. Anyone know of a vendor that sells these and can ship to the United States? Both Pipeline UK and Greek Mods told me they cannot ship here :(


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