Veto Mod & Chaos RDA from Vapor Royale


  1. I don't have mine in yet but I have one on the way. Regarding the small juice well ... I believe these have a 3-piece design. So instead of pulling off the larger middle sleeve, just pull off the top cap. My plan is to elevate my coils up to the level of the air holes, stick some silica or ceramic wick in the coils themselves and use a large wad of cotton to fill the area below. Should hold more than any un-tanked dripper (ie, auto drippers are going to hold more but that is it). And with the adjustable airflow system it looks easy to quickly rotate it to "lock" the juice from leaking out when traveling.

  2. Hey Todd, i have a quick question. I have been looking through the vaporroyale website and have managed to come across many very high end, and very hard to get mods.. mods i ALWAYS see out of stock. i was interested in buying the mcv panzer and the atomic rda but im considered that this website has no reviews and has these always sold out mods in stock. Are they legit? Can i trust them?

  3. Well they are a B&M so you could always phone them up and ask if concerned, never purchased from them myself but were cool to deal with.

    I'd phone Nate :)


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