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  1. Todd, very good honest review as ever. I was just wondering how the flavour from this compares to what you got from the VTR & IClear 30S only I am considering getting one or the other.

    1. I prefer the flavour from this setup myself :)

  2. So its variable voltage and variable flavor :)

  3. This might not be the place for this, but I registered for the forums yesterday, and I have yet to get access. The Proboards login says "Pending Staff Review". Did I mess something up? I registered as JVera.

    On an unrelated note, I picked up a Sigelei Legend after watching your review. I have only had it a few days, but it's serving me well.

  4. I am quite intrigued by this mod, though sadly the speed of my internet connection makes a dial-up connection look like a t-1. I appreciate all of your reviews, and whenever i go out of town on business i find myself spending a great deal of time catching up! Do you have any plans of possibly posting still shots of the breakdown of some of your reviews? It would definitely help a few people out, those like myself who have a hard time waiting 2+ hours for a video to buffer, as well as those who are hearing impaired, or even those looking for a few more pics of a product. Possibly a few word description for the pics, or a group of pics. Just a thought.

    By all means keep doing your thing, this was more of a blurb about things that may benefit some others and possibly gain a few more new vapers to the joys of a waffling Todd!

    1. wish I could help more mate but I struggle for time as it is :(

      Sorry I can't help out more.

  5. Hi Todd,

    Firstly, great job with these reviews. I have been in South America for the last eight months with no ecig (mine broke while I was there and I would have run out of juice very quickly anyway – top tip, never leave your ecig and batteries in your luggage, a brand new TW Torpedo was destroyed doing this) and have been smoking again and dreaming of a new machine. I watched some of your reviews before I came back and went to the new ecig store in Wembley yesterday to buy a Flare, as I thought your review was very positive.

    I'd like to add a few comments to your review that I hope will help other users.

    1) There are no instructions so I just watched your review again now. As I was waiting for the ferry to France last night I opened my new toy to have a look. I noticed that the atomizer head in the unit had a flexible plastic unit on - everyone, PLEASE take that off when you first use it or it's potentially going to be dangerous!

    2) I assumed that the soft plastic ring round the tube was also supposed to be removed. I couldn't tell on your video if you had it or not. I can confirm you NEED IT. If you remove it, the tube will leak every time you tip the ecig to get juice on the atomizer wicks. I was concerned that the tube might also melt due to proximity to the atomizer but it seems to be working fine. Without that band you get a river of juice all over you. I was concerned that this device had a fundamental design flaw, but when you keep/put the ring back on it’s great.

    3) I think you may have been holding the device the wrong way round in your review. It’s more comfortable to hold the button nearest to you and turn around the pipe fitting to face you. Also really like the pipe fitting. I don’t like metal in my mouth or on my lips but each to their own.

    Overall, despite my initial panic that it was flawed (I don’t have any other cartomizers so the tube is all I will have for the Christmas holidays), I can now confirm this device rocks!

    Keep up the great work and have a good Christmas and New Year.


    1. 1. Personally I would leave that plastic piece on, it gets wedged to the top section and helps keep a tight fit and stops juice leaking out, it's no different to the other plastic pieces you get on all the other atty heads.

      2. Yeah, didn't want to remove that :D

      3. Hold it any way you want, what ever is comfortable for you.

      Glad you are up and running with it though Simon, I still think it's a great bit of kit myself.

      Happy Holidays


  6. Hey Todd :)

    Thanks for the speedy reply.

    Right, so you should leave the plastic bit on the top ON? Interesting. I would have thought it would have melted and caused a fire/ventilation hazard but I'll take your advice and try it. I had an issue today where I managed to poured a load of juice over me when I tipped it so maybe that's the answer. Only happened once but it was very annoying.

    Quite honestly, this is a great piece of kit, no constant refilling due to the size of the tube and is the second most logical way of doing things after rebuildable atomizers and the Copperhead, which looks like the best thing going (but hard to order).

    I bought this thanks to your review and thanks for the tips! I'm in vaping heaven now!

    All the best mate,


  7. Hi Todd,

    Hope you had a fantastic Christmas.

    I'll comment one last time, if this helps anyone, I will be very happy.

    The Flare appeared to give up the ghost two days ago and stop working. I was really upset. I tried all the usual trouble-shooting measures - different battery, different atty etc.

    I fixed the problem by rolling up some tissue, removing the battery and shoving the tissue inside the battery chamber to the top. It worked! It's had the same issue several times and has been fixed each time with this "trick".

    No idea why the Flare does this and stops working but it does. The tissue trick fixes it every time.

    As the fluid goes nowhere near the top of the battery chamber, I don't understand how or why this happens but it does.

    Another issue is that sometimes, totally tightening the part that covers the atomizer and holds the tip stops it from working. Loosening that with a couple of turns fixes the issue.

    This thing is fairly mechanical so it has no way of "sensing" these components, so why this is happening is beyond me. Static? No idea, but the fixes work.

    As I said before, this device is the best I have tried so far and I'm stuck with it in France over the holidays. At £75 it wasn't cheap and I hope that anyone else having the same problems will Google and find this post. The manufacturers should have done this job and I don't know where else to post but apart from this it's a great unit.

    Thanks again.


  8. Loved the review.

    The 18350 doesn't stack, there should be a spacer in the box for the battery compartment.

    The only thing that really bothers me about this device is the fact they have etched "Self Feeding" on it. How do they possibly mean self feeding other than "Feed it yourself"? To me that is like a self cleaning oven meaning you clean it yourself when it needs it.

    Keep up the great reviews!



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