Romuluz Hybrid by Team Hotwire Philippines


  1. It's fantastic to see such a range of new innovations introduced in the one device. I love the idea of being able to switch tanks without going through all the normal hassles of changing your coils etc. The 'pie' to reduce the (already tiny) chamber looks great. It wouldn't surprise me at all to see these ideas appearing on other devices in 2014.

    The only letdown would be the length of that 510 adapter. What a shame! Maybe they will reduce it sometime in the future...

    Thanks for another great review and best wishes for 2014.

  2. Hello Tod, can you please tell how big in mm is the Hole for the Wick (Mesh) ?
    Kind Regards
    Peter from Germany

    1. :-) Thank you Tod - I am ordering yesterday and i´m very very happy. I wish it was Wednesday and the Postman is ringing ;-)

  3. Hi Todd mine arrived today the Spark edition. The Spark cutouts are a tadd sharp but all in all a fantastic hybrid.
    Thank you for the recommendation

  4. Hi Todd,

    I am struggling between the Romuluz Hybrid and the G-bell combo. I cannot make up my mind. Which one would you recommend?

    Thanks in advance.

  5. I would recommend which ever one you prefer :)

    Both very good hybrids, you would be happy with either one.

  6. Thanks for your quick feedback Todd!



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