Luxe Hybrid & Dripper by Luxe Mods


  1. Hello Todd, which DT on your Origen please ? Thanks

    1. As I said at the start of the video mate, it's made by luxe themselves :)

  2. Hi Todd

    Once again love your reviews... i check in almost daily to check whats new and you have become an invaluable source of information and entertainment :-)
    I have been looking for some time for a small 350/dripper set up with minimal length/size that i can stick in my pocket and forget about when im out.This seems to tick all the boxes but i am very slightly hesitant about lack of locking switch.I was wondering if you pocket carried this and if you had any worries/problems with auto firing in your pocket?
    Thanks once again...Gavin

  3. Never had an issue myself but even just backing off the atty half a turn would solve the problem :)

  4. Thanks mate youre a star :-) Gavin

  5. Hi Todd

    Bit the bullet yesterday and picked up the luxe mod with the hybrid dripper and shorty tip along with some 3mm ekowool silica. It arrived this afternoon and im over the moon with it..appears really well machined and as you say is so weee !
    This is my first dripper and i have watched your tutorials but wanted to check with you...zooming in on your build here did you use ribbon mate? I was thinking 4 wraps .20 wire or same of .4 ribbon ? As ive got 3mm wick would you double it over still or use a single strand?
    Thanks again for your invaluable advice mate and hope im not making a nuisance of myself.
    Kind regards....Gavin

  6. Never a nuisance Gavin :)

    If you have the materials I would give them both a go and see what you prefer, like the doubled over with ribbon myself.



  7. Hey, I just have to say thank you for your detailed review on the Luxe Hybrid.

    I have some questions, if you don't mind though...

    I live in South Korea, so I'm having a hard time find a re-seller, or distributor that ships to Korea.
    And I was wondering if you also ordered yours through, by exchanging emails.

    I did send them an inquiry about the price and shipping, and I received a reply saying that they ship internationally, but I was a bit skeptical, if you know what I mean. (they said it was 150GBP, plus shipping).

    Besides that, I was also confused by the name of the mod itself.
    Is it also called the "Versa v2" mod, or is it just called the "Luxe Hybrid"?

    Thanks once again for your time and effort in making those review videos.
    Without you, I wouldn't have seen the close-up details.

    Best regards,

  8. The one I reviewed is called the Luxe and yes I got it via that email address you posted.

    I would just ask him to clarify the shipping costs, he's a busy lad but he will get back to you.

    Thanks for the kind words and hope you get one, they are very good :)

    All the best


  9. Dear Todd, thanks for your swift reply :)
    If I remember correctly, I don't think you talked about leakage on the Luxe mod... and I was wondering if this is because there's no problem with it, or if you haven't been using it rigorously enough to experience any leakage.
    I heard that genesis style hybrids are known to have leaking issues.

    Thanks always for your informative vids!

    Have a wonderful day,

  10. Doesn't leak anymore than any other Genesis.


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