Lupus RBA & Apache Mod by AR Mods

I forgot to mention this at the end of the review but the venting on this mod is not the greatest, blowing through the bottom of the mod or the top there is some air escaping but very little.



  1. Hey Todd, just a quick question. Is there a problem with welded tubes or is it just something that is ugly to look at?
    Ohh and I was on there site, and I guess the bottom contact is ss.

    1. Personal preference I suppose, if you were to polish it up, you will end up revealing the weld line but that's about it really.

  2. Hey man, I was wondering what the voltage drop on the apache mod was just because of the brass contacts. I e-mailed the maker and he didn't really give me a straight answer. So could you tell me what the voltage drop on this mod is... that would be awesome, thanks.

  3. Sorry but if it's not mentioned in the review then I never took voltage drop readings, it's not something I really do anymore anyway, that is unless I notice a poor performance by taste.




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