3D (Dimmi's Dream Dripper) by Atmomixani


  1. Hello dude I mean this in the nicest way possible - Really enjoy your vape youtube videos. I have noticed you say (reseWIRE) or some thing like that, tho Im sure you mean Reservoir. As in Reservoir Dogs not ReseWIRE Dogs.
    Wish you all the best and I like when you use Scottish words and describe the meaning.
    Vape on all the best for 2014, thanks

    1. Nope, when I am talking about reswire I mean resistance wire and non resistance wire nores


  2. Ma bad dude ;)
    Looking forward to your reviews in 2014. All the best thanks

  3. HI tod luv your reviews. With the 3d is it possible to torch and dry burn the wick on this atty? Will the juice in the tank keep igniting? Thanks

  4. Hey Todd - My concern with a bottom feed setup is that it constantly sucks burnt juice back into the tank and eventually kills the flavor.... have you noticed this?

  5. Watched your review and a number of others on this before I got one. A lot of the reviewers were leaving the negative posts loose because the fill screw got in the way and was hard to replace if they removed it. If the posts are not tightened all the way they will move and this can mess up your coil. So remove fill screw, tighten negative posts down all the way and then to replace the screw just put it on a round toothpick and you can easily get it started. Hope this helps.


  6. I've just got to say Todd that I very much appreciate your reviews. I just caught this one after buying a 3d and struggling with filling it for the last few days through that little hole. I've been taking out the fill screw and filling it that way which works fine if A) I'm home or at work and B) I've got 20 minutes to wiggle that screw back in (I haven't tried leaving it out as it floods for me so much already. I tried your idea of filling the well and letting it suck the juice back in and it worked a treat. Thank you for that and again, thank you for your reviews and comments in the past, I very much enjoy your videos.

  7. Thanks :)

    Glad you have it working now.


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