1. Hi Todd,

    I think you are being too harsh by even mentioning the word clone in this review, you are putting a stigma on this mod, and the modder appears to have worked too hard on it, so it feels undeserved.
    If we use the same criteria for other mods (similarities in the button, wait, not even that, in the adjustment of the battery rattle), then the GP Paps it's a clone of the Chi You, because it uses the same telescoping positive pin (or vice versa, I'm too new to vaping to know which one came first).
    I like your no clones policy, but you need to relax a little and let people (modders) improve on what's available; it's illogical to think that every mod will be created from scratch, or even worst, that every mod needs to be 100% different from everything else.


    1. Curious but did you listen to the entire review?

    2. Yep, I did

    3. Strange, I did nothing but praise what he has done with this mod?

      Either way, my opinions are my own and they won't be changing anytime soon.


    4. You're right, you're opinions are yours, and I respect that and I'm not trying to change them; I actually praise your policy of not reviewing clones and counterfeits.

      Maybe I'm just over reacting and this review will only benefit the modder (I'm actually wanting one myself after seeing your review), so I apologize if I'm doing so. It just seems to me like this device is different in many ways from anything else, that it shouldn't be penalized with the clone adjective for using the same adjustment principle than the Nemesis. If you use the same parameters every time, all of the new devices use something that has being used before, ergo all new devices are clones.

      Todd, I'm not trying to attack you, I apologize if it sounds like I am. In this case, maybe is the modders fault for starting with a clone before coming with his own creation.

    5. Don't worry about it, at the end of the day it was a 10/10 for me, Drew the guy that makes it is over the moon with the review so really at the end of the day, job done :)

      It wasn't penalized at any point, it was in fact commended for taking something and making it even better.

      Honestly, feel free to voice your opinions on here any time mate, we'll either agree at the end or agree to disagree, nothing wrong with healthy debate :)

      All the best


  2. Regardless of any design ideas this has borrowed (and improved in many peoples opinion) from other devices it's a stunning looking bit of kit.
    Great review, made me really want one. :)

  3. Got a Black Copper on the way. ;)


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