The Rose Atomiser by Eden Mods


  1. The Rose is a VERY customizable atomizer. Once you get it dialed in it gives off a thick Rick vapor and has a super flavor! I can see why it's called the Kayfun killer.! One thing about the Rose is its performance is very much realated to her wicking. Get her wicking right and you couldn't ask for a better atty.I can't help but think any negative comments on the Rose is due to a user error. I mean what more could you want? You can control the juice flow so no more dry hit's and you can control the air flow to your exact liking.if your not getting enough air flow check your wicking as it might be obstructing the flow valvue. It takes a bit of tweaking but it's very much worth the effort for the final product. When I saw tweaking I'm referring to some very simple adjustments of the juice flow and air flow. I've found if when wicking you keep the wicks flush with the slots and not purtruding your going to get a fantastic vape every time. I love that you can rewick or change the coil without loosing any juice. ! The build stand and tool is absolutely wonderful when refilling juice or doing your build. I've learned to use my old coil length as a guide and now my builds are quick and easy as just slipping the coil into the ceramic cup. Make sure ceramic and metal are lined up and it's one of the easiest builds you will ever do.I highly recommend the Rose. Her flavor beats kayfun hands down. ! This atty is a must have!


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