The Joyetech eRoll


  1. Not tried this one but I hear good reports, I think they should redesign the case so you can carry spare tanks. Also they should increase the capacity of the tanks as well.

  2. Todd, the Joyetech UK site sell a protective case (£9.99) which the PCC sits in and it gives you space for another complete eroll e-cig or some cartridges.

  3. Great to see this review. I've had an eroll for a few months now. Although I love my mechs and RBAs, the Eroll is great for out and about, or any time when it's not easy to have a place to put your mod down. My only recommendation is to get a second cone so you can always have one bettery to vape and one in the charger, both set up and ready to go. I broke my habit of holding it like a cigarette and that prevented the finger burns or air-flow restriction.

  4. Agreed.. Figured out real quick (ok, maybe it was after a few "ouch" to move my finger more towards the bottom using the eRoll. Bought an extra atomizer cone/cover too.. to have 2 completed units. (tho, idk why all this time since their release, Joyetech doesn't just include "two" from the get-go, but hey.. whaddya gonna do?) Yes, this thing is super tiiiiny & only 90mAh (if used as intended, you're always putting it in the case/re-charging tho- so shouldn't be an issue) The 0.4ml tank holds a crazy small amount.. & it's a proprietary connection -only usable with itself.. The airhole is in a stupid place too, with that general area tending to get pretty freaking warm. All that being said, for an automatic 3.7 volt mini-ecig-tank system, it works really darn well. Unlike 510-t, it doesn't leak either, & with that teeny-tiny tank feeding directly onto the atomizer (I get LR replacements) it provides a GREAT, wick-free, filler material-less full-flavored taste resembling direct dripping... but without the P.I.T.A. hassle of direct dripping; I got one long ago to test out new flavors. That way, not only is there no constant blowing out of atomizers OR flavor creep, but no wasting juice, cartos or tanks either. If I really dislike a juice, it's as easy as dump, rinse, refill. The one tiny niggle (love when you use that term) was that I couldn't adjust the voltage. Then, the ECA came out. Never gained popularity, but I LOVE it. Still use the e-Roll here & there, but mostly... being able to use the ECA on ANY 510 device puts it ahead. It's a bigger version (holds 3.5ml) of the e-roll atty~ but with even better/improved airflow (intended for the Evic) Still getting that clean/full un-muted flavor from direct feeding of your juice, with the added ability to bump the voltage/wattage up or down. I use it a LOT & it even uses the same atomizer replacements as the e-Roll, so.. all good in vaping land. Interested to see how the newest offering is gonna perform.. Just ordered (the top part/atomizer only) of that Joyetech e-Mode. Looks like a very easy, much cheaper version amp tank. =) Happy vaping!

    1. What a great little write up, thanks for sharing that Amanda :)


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