Kanger ProTank v3


  1. I found a site for the Protank glass :
    If you need a translate just let me know.

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  2. Few sites in the UK do them for the v2 which I have been informed that are compatible

    Myepack, VapeEscape and Ivapour-Elixir

  3. Scratch and sniff... Omg! Good one. Thanks for the review. Very useful.

  4. Good review Todd. Do you think the PT3 is even better than the Aspire? I did a little review on E Cig Forum saying my opinions on the two. I think they are both spot on with the flavor, but the Aspire is just a bit warmer vape for me. I personally liked the PT3 better cause it was just a little cooler, and it actually kept up with my chain vaping better. When I chain vaped the Aspire, I would occasionally get a bit of a dry/burnt hit.

    1. I do prefer the aspire myself, not a huge amount in it but seems to suit my vaping style better. Just got a load more aspire heads today :D

  5. Haha I just got some in the mail today too! I wish I could try all the cool stuff you get on a regular basis. Just got my first RBA in the mail today, and now I'm shopping around for an inexpensive mech. You and Phil are the guys that got me into this stuff, so many thanks:)

  6. Protank 2 and Protank 3 glass tubes are interchangeable. Had my Protank 2 for a day and a half before I dropped it. I strongly suggest buying a few replacements as soon as possible. In the U.S., I found them at http://www.myvaporstore.com/Pyrex_Glass_Tube_for_Protank_II_p/krpt2-gt.htm for $3.50 USD.


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