Gamma Tank V2.5 by Budz Works

The engraving on our Gamma Tank means "Gawang Kayumanggi" or directly translate as "Made by the Brown Race".


  1. Not pertaining to this particular review so much... (although I am buying one of these tanks, and your review was very helpful)... I just want to say, thank you so much for all your videos. I'm fairly new to this stuff, having only tried the electronic cigarette really until now. I have learned so much watching your videos. You're enjoyable to watch and listen to, and I smile every time your doggie interrupts you. The time and money you have likely saved me is immeasurable. Again, thank you. Very much.

    1. Thanks Adam, really do appreciate the feedback :)

  2. Great suggestion on the drip setup and very helpful video Todd. Thanks! I really enjoy your efforts.


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