Diver v2 by Atmistique


  1. Hi Todd ;-)
    As you say, the BBox and a Diver is the best combo possible, I think the same.
    But as the Diver V1 is sometimes a pita especially about leaking issues, can you confirm that this V2 is leak proof compared to the V1 ??
    I love my BB so much that I really need a leakproof RBA solution (I hate cartos)

  2. I was just wondering if this works in a mod that doesn't have adjustable airflow since it has the cutouts on the 510 connection

    1. works best on a mod with AFC, but if you use the diver in a tank with good airflows on the bottom cap on a mod with flat cap and no AFC, it works too

  3. Hi Todd, thanks for this video. I have ordered a V2, however this video gave my V1 a new lease of life, as I have tried the micro-coil and cotton setup with a pre-made wire on it, you're showing it on a V2 here. Before, I had the odd dry hit and some leaking, now, just perfect! Thanks for the tip, this idea has been nicked effective immediately. Gotta go for a vape now on my perfectly performing V1. Best, Dave.


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