Black Sioux Mod Kit - Limited Edition by Chiefvapers Pat


  1. the pins are not silver plated, it is plated in 24k gold + rhodium with copper as the base metal

    the auto-fire feature is for Joyetech Evic head installed on the Sioux mod, and can serve as provari mini endcap with the inner tube and shorter outer tube for 18490 and 18650 config on the provari mini.

    1. Mate I'd just be happy if the tubes were the same colour :(

      But thanks for the info :)

    2. Actually just got an update from the maker and the contacts are Rhodium but there is no 24k gold, it's just polished brass

  2. the tube colours are weird.. I could kinda understand it if the centre section was a different colour but that just ruins what would be a lush looking mech. The top section being stainless is also a bit odd for a 'matched' set.. Glad I saw the review as I was about to buy one second hand.


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