1. Excellent review as always Todd. The Ba Gua 22 Ti Polished ROCKS! I just LOVE the deep shine of polished titanium, 2nd only to platinum IMHO. Do you know if there are any polished titanium RBA's? I know there are titanium RBA's like the Ti Mini Micro & the Ti Steam Turbine, however I haven't been able to find any polished one's. I guess I could just polish it myself or send it to Vape-N-Shine for about $35-$50, though I would much rather get one already polished. As for the adjustable positive pin, check out this guys Ba Gua 22 Ti that has a upgraded self adjustable (spring loaded) positive pin, if you still have your Ba Gua grab one for it, their only $4 at & their currently In Stock. The video is in Filipino so just skip to 4:10 where he shows the pin, I wish Atmomixani would release a silver plated pin like that for the Nemesis, check it out: (

  2. You checked out the Calibre 22.4 that should fit the bill for you :)


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