Pulse - G RBA by RM Mods


  1. MILLILITERS Todd, not millimeters. Silly man. Nice review man. Always appreciate your stuff.

  2. Nice review thanks todd. I have been vaping with a few clearmizers for months now mainly iclear 30 and protank and i fancy getting a rba. I like the look of the pulse but having never had a rba before just got a few questions. Does the pulse come with a cap/screw to blank off the filler hole off where you fill your eliquid to stop it flooding the top cap if you lay your mod down or lean it over to far. And also how does it not flood/leak through were the wick goes down into the tank? Thanks for your uploads always very honest and informative.

    1. Hi,

      The device does come with stoppers to plug the fill hole off but this can cause wicking issues. In short, all genesis atomizers are going to leak if left on their side, it's just one of those things.




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