SmokTech Terminator RDA Tank

OK, in my opinion this is a piece of crap, you may find it OK but there is no way I would recommend this.


  1. Hi Todd. As always, a great review lol. It made me smile (laugh) and made me feel quite normal about myself. I thought there was only me who could get so pissed off with something to the point of having to destroy it. It makes you feel so much better in the moment, until reality hits you again, then you think "shit, what've I just done". I can feel your frustration mate.

  2. You been watchin Ashens Blind bag reviews mate, takin a blow torch to a bit of crap
    Thats as far as i got, will watch the rest later when i have cleaned the juice up that just sprayed everywhere from laughing
    Going to make this a regular feature with crap stuff now?


    1. Aye, can just see me sticking my next china mod in the blender lol

  3. Fantastic review............. Classic .............
    Can't stop laughing.

  4. LOL, UH OH, I bought one yesterday to try, for $10US. One thing is fore sure I will not be taking it to bits. MAybe smoktech considers it a disposable? LOL

    Classic review!!

  5. hahahahahahaha!!!
    "a pile of steamin' shit"... couldn't have said it better myself. i actually bought one, thought i broke it, and bought another one!!! good thing they're cheap. but, yeah... i have to agree. it's crap.

    much respect from the usa, todd. cheers.

  6. Excellent review! I wondered why it was only showing up as 5 minutes long when it started ... now I know :D
    Really feel for you Todd, but at least you got your revenge

  7. I had same problem worked ok till i changed coil everytime i put ceramic back on id pish it down and it was like spring loaded were the ceramic goes

  8. Omg couldn't stop laughing at how you delicately showed what to do when something whatever it be drives you to the point of no return. Love the reviews as always keep them coming.

  9. Yesss nice one m8 as quoted in the Queen classic "Another one bites the dust"



  10. I about busted a gut when you destroyed it.The best part is that you rarley get frustrated with things. Goes to show some devices are just crap.Thanks for the laugh.

  11. Phew! I'll be making sure not to get within 10 feet of this piece of junk! Thanks for the heads up on this one, if you couldn't make it work properly, I don't want any part of it. Keep up the great work, cheers!


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