Metal Foam as a Wicking Material


  1. there is no link to buy the foam could you add it please?

  2. Todd, I put this on another of your vids by mistake! So take 2! The foam is basically the same stuff as in the bottom of an eGo-T. Its wrapped around the coil an if you take one apart, they use it as a juice catcher and its also inside the spike wrapped around the silica. As you said, it being used as a wick and being heated and vaped with, I'm not sure of the safety. As a juice holder like in a spheroid (provided you had enough)I think it would work.

  3. Just been having a look at this stuff as I have ordered some. There is loads of info on this stuff. The info found so far usually refers to foam made of aluminium.

    Use found so far:
    Clinical studies on mammals
    Orthopedic use in humans
    Automobile uses

    One statement said

    "In addition these foams have a high stiffness, are fire resistant, do not give off toxic fumes"

    So is it safe? Sorry, I have not got a clue.But I thought it might help someone or spur some other comments.


  4. Just watching the video now. Interesting material.

    My initial concern would be how aluminium stands up to to heating coils with its 600c ish melting point. I would certainly use some ss mesh or silica over it so it is not directly touching the coil.

  5. It says that its make of Nickel, if thats of any help


    1. Did say that in the video :D

      But thanks for posting anyway.



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