HERO Hints & Tips


  1. Liking what you've done to your Hero there Todd - looks great mate. Thanks for taking the time to share your tips.


  2. Looks cool, i like the smaller size of it, might be good for vaping out and about.

  3. Hey Todd, quick question. I went ahead and got myself one of these beasts and as for the rebuilding, I saw that you used 1mm silica wick. I only have 3mm silica wick and i was wondering if you have tried rebuilding it with 3mm silica or if you even think it would work good with 3mm silica? Or should I buy some thinner silica wick?

    1. Just make sure you splay the strands out with a needle and should be fine, check out my hints and tips video I did for this as well

  4. Okay awesome! Yea I saw it and i will for sure do some of the things you mentioned. I'm so excited to get it, it's gonna be my first hybrid even though it's not a genny hybrid but still counts right haha Thanks for getting back at me Todd!


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