DTVH v1 (Desk Top Vape Holder)

REVIEW - DTVH v1 (Desk Top Vape Holder) 

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  1. Hi Todd, just watched this, i think it needs the mod holes drilling out totally so the mods go all the way through but the stand to have 10mm feet on it so when you put the mods in the holes the stand will sit further up the the mods, this would elliminate the need for a thicker perspex stand, this is how i would have it anyway

  2. That's a pretty good idea, I mean I think I like the nice thick wooden ones better but I could see me having & using both, once I get enough gear anyway, lol. I'm still very much a newbie Vaper, got a VAMO 3wks ago & have been really enjoying it, just ordered an Innokin iTaste MVP so it looks like I would need to have one of those custom made to fit it, I wonder how much it would cost?? Thanks for another great video Todd, keep em coming & VAPE ON!


  3. just an idea about the depth for the mod 'holes', if he were to use some sort of rubber footing on this lets say maybe 1 maybe 1.5cm to increase the height of the holder overall, he could still use the same thickness for the 'base' that you have there, and then maybe glue 'addons' to the bottom of each 'mod hole' and drill through to increase the depth but save on the materials used for the overall product, im pretty crap at trying to explain things but hope you get the idea lol


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