An Introduction to Electronic Cigarettes

Intro & thank you - 1:18
How E-Cigs Work & Terms - 03:31
Cartomizer and connection types - 06:52
What's in e-liquid? 09:04
Automatic batteries & battery basics - 10:35
Prefilled versus blank Cartomizers - 14:47
eGo batteries and Clearomizers - 15:20
Resistance - 24:56
Summary so far - 25:43
VV & VW Devices, Batteries & Chargers - 34:59
Introduction to Advanced Tube Mods, VAMO & Tank Basics - 39:50
Introduction to Mechanical Mods - 45:36
Introduction to Rebuildable Atomizers - 47:43
Overall Summary & Advice - 51:38


  1. Well done Mark! I've been at this a good wee while now and just wish something like this was out there when I started. Fine explanations on all the different types and a great range of varying priced options. Oh aye, and more of TJ. Hat's off to you mate.

  2. Great video Todd. Now I have something to point interested newbies to for a clear and understandable overview. Much better than me trying to explain in the pub after too much Guinness.

    1. Thanks Chris, don't let me hold you back on the black stuff though ;)

  3. Good job, Todd. Your efforts are much appreciated. I am not a newcomer, but this is a great video to direct people to on the forums. :)

  4. Thanks for doing this Todd, we'll be pointing newbies here for sure recommending your outstanding guide round the basics of vaping.

    Thanks again, we really do owe you. I know it takes a lot of time to put these together, and it's done out of passion.

    I hope a whole new generation of vapers will see you as the daddy ;)

    1. Couldn't have done it without your support guys, much appreciated :)

  5. This is excellent! Thanks for all the time and effort you put into this video, it's going to be a great tool to share with people interesting in vaping. There's just so much out there now and it's very confusing to find good information, you did the world a great service!

  6. Thanks Todd. Great video.


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