The Cyclone RBA by The Vicious Ant

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  1. Great vid sent me your address and i will get you some sharp scissors in the post

  2. Todd, thanks for the review. Please let us know your comments and critiques so that we can improve further our products.

    Please visit us at our Facebook fan page

    or our Facebook International page

    Best regards from The Vicious Ant Team.

    Yours truly,


  3. Hello Mr Bond
    Have to say the reomizer 2 knocks the spots of the vicious ant, though not as well made it has an internal ceramic concave base, so you can't flood your coil and a doddle to coil, more room between the posts.
    Ps may be selling my bachaus bottom feeder, the one your man no longer makes solid aluminium bottom feeder with the carbon door.
    Let me know if your interested before I advertise it elsewhere.
    Keep up the good reviews.
    Ps where's the cute dog

  4. Iain (MrSheen)7 June 2013 at 08:46

    Just recieved mine yesterday, not the BF, just the dripper.....well, It seems the my trusty old Mark-T Infinity MAY have some competetion here, this is an outstanding little dripper! Easy to set up, good looking and the stock airhole provides just the right amount of draw for me (although that can be subjective, of course)

    I was considering the AFC for this, but I think I'll be happy with it the way it is.....just wondering how long it'll be before I loose either the hex key or one of the grub screws, though.....that's the only thing I would change on it, perhaps use philips screws instead of the grub's...but love it! :)

    1. good isn't it :)

      See Ruip isn't selling the ACS as it doesn't fit in a lot of the devices!


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