Stainless Steel Wire Rope Wick

My first look and use of the wire rope, results are very good :)


  1. Great review Todd I have just ordered 2m of 2MM and 3mm time to tinker with my Attys.

  2. Hello Todd,
    I just got my first wire and it truly is awesome.

    In my genny it wicks even at a small angle. Just wow!

    I can see uwicks coming haha

  3. Best £1.29 I have spent....

  4. Good Video as usual Todd, you can get you wire here The Vape Mesh Company UK, that's where I get mine from.

  5. Hello Todd, if you are going to get into SS wicks in a big way (and it seriously looks that way), you may want to consider a pair of Felco C7 wire cutters. Talk about a hot knife through butter and such a clean cut too.


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