Ba Gua 14500 Mod

Many thanks to Devon at for sending this on for review :)


  1. Oh man Todd, my heart sunk and hit the floor when that magnet broke.
    Can't you put it back together with a bit of expoxy as a temp fix till you can get a replacement or is the spring doing just as good of a job?
    Very nice mod, nice review as usual, keep em coming fella.

  2. Oh man, I felt your pain when those magnets smashed together but at least you were able to get it to work with a spring. I'd have been screwed - nice mod though and love the engraving :)

  3. man i have been stalking the team rampage sight trying to land one of these things. i really really want a 14500 mod, and this thing just looked awesome. price wasn't too bad. thanks as usual for the review! i am drooling with envy ;)

  4. Todd. My spring has totally gone and hoping you can help. Do you know what size spring will work? Or.... Dont suppose you know what size the magnets were? Mine came with just a spring that really isn't cutting it.

    1. I'm sorry Mark, not had this one for a while and the spring was just a spare out my box of tricks.


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