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Look for the fix on youtube by user soulmaaan.

Right here we go..............humble pie time.
I made up a brass pin from a M4 bolt to replace the spring and tried a couple of different resistances and measured the drops.
From 1.5ohm to 2.0ohm, nothing in it, I mean zero but once I got down to 1.2 the spring started struggling and dropping off and at 1ohm, well just collapsed..
Very surprised but explains why some people are quite happy and others have issues, low resistance vaping, it's poor but above 1.5, not a problem 


  1. So they "fixed" it but left the centerpost as a spring? What a disaster, that was the biggest problem with V1 in my opinion. I know you can fix it yourself but it really should ship with a proper brass centerpost. A very good review/overview, keep up the great work Todd!

  2. Hi Todd,

    This other guy is a bit strange, but he makes clouds of vapor using the AGI, using only silica.
    I bought one and I'm waiting for it right now, because I plan to use it in a different way: a silica dripper, with tank. I want to make a silica loop a coil similar to the one I'm using now in my IGO-L, but I'll let two wicks fall to the tank to carry the juice up, to refill the wick in the well with more juice. I'm quite sure it will work, I'll post photos somewhere when done (and if it works, of course ;) )

    Cheers from Norway!

    1. It'll work, can tell you that now :)

  3. Hey Todd,

    I have a v1 but what I did to fix it was took apart speaker wire. It has copper strands. Cut off a section and stuck it in the middle of the springs. Same concept as the syringe. Works like a champ. Bored out my holes to 1/16. I think thats 1.6mm. I used it as a dripper but I pulled the set screws out to use as a tank dripper

  4. Its a long shot know how busy you are BUT what is the length of the 510 connector on this atty need you know if it will fit flush on the provari thanks in advance


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