Supplied to me by www.safercigs.co.uk for testing purposes.

I have been told by Daz that the leaking issue shall be resolved before he puts them out for sale.


  1. Todd! I like your vids really much, but it seems like video but much more the audio does suck when you make them in the shed.
    Maybe you could look at that?
    In this case the sound is much to low.
    Any way, keep up the great reviews!

  2. Hi Todd, as always thnx for not doing any reviews today ;). I am a bit put off if the vape is not quality in tank mode, plus the distance from wick hole to center post made me decide not to go for this the hotspot issue would be a lot greater than the AGA T2. I may have missed it at some point but what gage is is the wire you are using for the twisted coil?



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