Stainless Steel Dream RBA

It's finally here, the Stainless Steel version of the Dream, now with 3.5ml capacity as well!

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  1. Cheers Mark - very tempted! Seems quite similar to the iAtty / Oddy setup with the wick channels sitting under the cone. One question - why did you only partially tighten the top cap and then turn it upside down before tightening the cap all the way?

    1. Hi Rick,

      When you tighten the cap the right way up, the pressure would flood the juice chamber.

      Should have mentioned that, sorry mate.

    2. Ah, of course... cheers mate.

  2. I hope this model shows up here in the states soon, I have the first one and like it alot. The version I got did not have any extra coils but I picked it up for $13.99 U.S. so I really didn't mind especially since the coils are pretty shoddy anyway. I build my wick and coil setup the same as you and have had no problems with leaks. Initially if I had a problem with wicking I was putting my finger over the airhole and giving a quick suck to pull the juice into the the wick. I did find however that covering the hole and blowing hard into the driptip worked better, it repressurizes the tank and aids in feeding the juice, just don't go overboard and it will not cause flooding. Thanks for the review, I will be picking one of these up when they become available on this side of the pond. Cheers mate!

  3. Enjoyed your reviews on these.
    Ordered 2 from china-sells cause they aren't in the states yet. The original is going strong on a 0.8 ohm 28 ga (0.32 mm) coil and a Xc-116 wick. I think you can get Ekowool over there. Mine is a fat wick, simply folded down, not over the channel and not wrapped around. Juice stops feeding when you stop pulling and the fat wick soaks it all up. My pulls are no more than 3 seconds and I get clouds. More nic in the vape than I am used to. I replaced the spring with a silver coated copper spring just because I had it on hand from an Amazon purchase. Easily my favorite vape.


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