Kindly supplied to me by the guys at for this review.

Sorry about the mini rant at the end.

This video also includes a build tutorial, hence the length.


  1. Todd is I'm with you Sir the RSST Genesis Atty is a great Vape.I have one and love it very much,I fine it has great taste.It is better than the AGA-T's,so everyone enjoy your RSST Tanks.Thanks Todd

  2. Any signs of leaks from the centre post yet Todd?

    The top seal on mine was loose and condense that collects in the top cap and the deck had a tendancy to seep down the centre post and would eventually make it's way out of at the base of the 510 so I wrapped a small piece of insulating tape around the post to make the seal a snug fit - no more leaks.

    1. No issues to report as yet mate but the tip will help if it does :)


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