Evic Telescopic Set by Kir Fanis

I bought this from www.gr-modders.com  whilst it does transform the evic into a really nice device I did have some issues.

I can not fault the customer service from the company and have now received a full refund.


  1. http://gr-modders.com/ site is down :)
    maybe because of your review? :P

  2. You may want to try the "bOd by Leo", not as textured as the Kir Fanis but adds that weight and give that mod feeling when using.

    Personally I love the bOd telescopic mod with my EVIC. Also you have a choice on 2 different top cap sizes ( 20 & 23mm )which both tread at the base, not on the Kanger's treading.

    Take care and thanks for your reviews : it was the catalysis for me to stop smoking and start vaping. Can't thank you enough....


    1. Looked at the bod but at 74 delivered with both top caps, just to expensive for me :(

      Thanks though.

      All the best


  3. Did you try screwing the Kir Fanis top cap onto an ego battery to make sure it was a fault with the top cap thread and not the Evic thread?



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