Diablo Hybrid - eonvape.com

I recieved this from the folks at www.eonvape.com how sell this in the USA and Canada, visit www.diablomods.net for EU

Follow Up


  1. Great video. I wish every place would do like there're doing. I gave up on the f5 game, too much stress. Checked out their site and really like the media blasted one.

  2. Todd u been killing the vids keep up the great reviews like always I'll be watching

  3. Thanks for the review, been considering one of these since Igetcha's review. They looks really nice and sleek and I think delrin insulated wick holes should come as standard on all Genesis style atomisers from now on. May have to ask Santa to bring me one of these, or possibly drop some unsubtle hints for my birthday.


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