CE8 Stainless Steel Mesh Clearo

Afraid I'm not to impressed with these but please remember, that's just my opinion :)


  1. I never thought they would release a disguised CE4, in no way is that a ss wick clearo. Todd you were brave to even try to rebuild that....that, your name should go down in vape history as you tried to make the impossible possible, once I would have seen that silica wick coil I would have revaped it with my hammer. But if it wasn't for the brave like yourself we wouldn't get good warning of duff clearos like this CE8. Thanx for review and honest warning ;).


    1. Believe me, it did meet the hammer in the end :D

  2. Bah, i just ordered some yesterday. I tought hey SS mesh for on the go. This should not be advertised by companies as SS mesh. I knew I should have waited for a review :)

  3. This is the sort of thing i hate about the industry. On one hand, you have designers who care enough about the product and the consumer that they refuse to release a product unless it's something they would use daily. It's been tested to perform, works well and, for the most part, is beautiful to look at. The problem being they either can't, or won't, produce at a level that actually meets demand. So, the only people who can buy them are the ones who either have enough time to sit hours in front of the computer, waiting and watching, until one comes available, or someone who has so much money they can afford to pay the stupid, ridiculous mark-up on a used device.
    Then, on the other hand, you have mass manufacturers, turning out crap like this, saying "Don't worry about testing. We'll have their money long before they realize what a piece of shit it really is."


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